Willow is a little girl with a BIG personality!   She has a coolness that comes from being able to be herself. Some might wish they were like her while others prefer not to be around her. Yes, Willow is an interesting young girl who likes to show her confidence by wearing bright colored clothing and mismatched socks. Her parents have always made her feel good about herself, even though she is a little taller and bigger than the other children her age.


Recently, Willow and her family moved into a new home, leaving her familiar world and friends behind. At her new school, Willow is finding it challenging to make friends because she dresses and looks different from the other kids.  If they just took the time to know her, they would discover that she is probably a lot like them--a girl who enjoys bike riding, playing games, drawing, reading, and of course painting her nails!  She could be a great friend, but will her new schoolmates ever discover her fun and interesting side?


Let's go and meet Willow.

Meet Willow

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