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Laura Smith, Elementary School Teacher


"Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide." - C.S. Lewis 


Meet Willow tells the classic story of overcoming bullying. We have all faced moments in our lives where we, like Willow, want to hide our true selves for fear of standing out from the crowd. I fully enjoyed journeying with Willow as she learns to love the girl she was created to be. It reminded me to embrace my true self in spite what others might think. Meet Willow reminds us that we all just want to be understood, and we must start first by understanding ourselves. Meet Willow is a must read for all young girls, but the themes and life lessons in Meet Willow can inspire readers of any age!






Ms.  Duerinck, Elementary School Teacher


I would give Meet Willow a solid 5/5 stars! There are many great messages that this series of children’s books does very well to deliver. These wonderful stories tell about a young girl named Willow who has to deal with many common hardships that children often have to endure. Often times, children feel as if the challenges that they face in life they have to face alone. This is clearly not the case as we all know. However, sometimes a child might like to hear a story about someone their age that they can relate to, instead of hearing advice from their “lame” parents. Moving to a new school, making new friends, and even being afraid to ask for help are often life occurrences that not only children, but people in general have a hard time dealing with! The great thing about this series of books is that it relates to EVERYONE! Boys, girls, children and even adults! It provides great lessons in a fun and loving way (: I love these books!


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